Hi…welcome back…

and welcome to the next evolution of glenn’s diner…

…traditions still live on…16 pieces of fresh fish daily…the cereal wall…breakfast anytime you like…king crab legs Tuesdays…a family friendly seafood diner…say hello to our new fish market…a new way of getting fresh fish fast…quick healthy prepared “sea plates” are only 5 minutes away…your everyday answer to absolutely fresh seafood…welcome back to

fahlstrom’s fresh fish market

Cereal Sign

“Although Glenn’s Diner lives on in spite of the departure of its namesake leader, Glenn Fahlstrom, I think I’ve found my new go-to place for seafood and I’m not looking back … I feel my love for seafood rekindling. This is neighborhood cooking at its finest.”

– gapers block chicago

the fish market

…as a restaurant that doubles as a fish market, we offer one of the largest varieties of fish under one roof in Chicago…we are constantly changing out market offerings to bring you the best and most seasonal seafood…16-18 different types of fresh fish to choose from in our market to our plates on any given day…

fresh favorites

  • Gonzo Tiger Shrimp
  • Mako Shark
  • Alaskan King Crab Legs
  • Hawaiian Ruby Red Tuna
  • American Red Snapper
  • Tazmanian King Salmon
  • Alaskan Halibut
  • Maryland Mussels
  • Blue Striped Marlin
  • King Mackerel
  • Canadian Walleye Pike
  • Pacific Swordfish

all seasonal…all fresh

Drop anchor at Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market, a rather attractive new diner, deli and, yes, fish market situation with a bunch of cereal thrown in, which, God, was a great idea, now open in Lakeview.

-urban daddy

the cereal wall

…the Cereal Wall is an entire section of the restaurant devoted to childhood favorites that can be ordered straight from box to bowl…over 35 choices of America’s pastime with really cold milk, chilled bowl and fresh fruit…mixing different cereals is allowed!

some appetizing photos…

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“Fahlstrom’s menu is the ‘Ulysses’ of diner menus: a stream of culinary consciousness codifying everything from burgers and blue tilapia to waffles and whitefish. Every brunch dream and seafood fantasy is within reach … but you could go crazy without a plan.”

– redeye chicago

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restaurant info

1258 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago IL, 60657


Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm

Saturday: 9am – 10pm | Sunday: 9am – 9pm

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Northwestern Medical Building
1333 W. Belmont

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