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The Chopping Blog names Fahlstrom's their Favorite New Seafood Restaurant

Don’t let the laid-back, casual vibe fool you – they take their food (and stellar service) very seriously. Where else can you get a perfectly cooked sea scallop, doused in a bacon sauce and washed down with a 40 oz of beer… the unlikely, yet perfect combination is enough to get this River North girl all the way up to it’s Lakeview location.


Where do you fall on the fish spectrum?

From Mild to Mackerel

With the vast expanse and wide array of fish available to diners, the decision of which fish to indulge in can be daunting. As a casual fish fan, don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of options, but find a way to get outside of your shell.

Here is an easy way to experiment with new fish based on the taste you have acquired for some of the more popular choices.


3 Classic Mardi Gras Dishes Under 10 Ingredients

Bring New Orleans Flavor to your Dinner Table

Plan your Mardi Gras party with three classic New Orleans’ dishes, all under ten ingredients. We have made simple and easy to follow recipes that will bring The Big Easy’s flavor to your Mardi Gras party and Fat Tuesday celebration.

Classic Cajun cooking can seem complex and intimidating. However, the following ten core ingredients can be used in three different applications for three wonderfully delicious dishes. Using just Shrimp, Spicy Andouille Sausage, Crawfish, Holy Trinity (onions, green pepper & celery), Seafood Stock, Cajun Seasonings, Butter and Flour…

Here are three dishes that should make the table for your Mardi Gras party.


The Chicago Eater Stops By...

The Chicago Eater’s Brett Hickman stopped by the new spot earlier. Read what he has to say…

When Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market soft opens today in Lakeview, guests can expect a sit down restaurant featuring all-day breakfast, sandwiches and fresh fish and seafood entrees. But Glenn Fahlstrom has, ahem, bigger fish to fry. He has also carved out a section for the purchase of “sea plates,” cooked fish paired with two sides, as well as Potbelly-esque sea sandwiches.